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                                             PHOTOEMULSION  SE105 

Milky white emulsion for making rotary screen stencil in printing of textiles industry.
Good durability of printing and excellent accuracy of stencil making.
Suitable for squeegee or magnetic rotary screen printing machine.

Washing the screen:
Immerse the screen into SE105 Cleaning liquor for nickel screen for around 10 minutes, take out and rinse with water, then dried at low temperature in an oven. At the same time, prevent the screen from being stained with dirt(It is necessary for operators to wear protective gloves avoiding corrosiveness).

Preparing the photosensitive emulsion:
It should be operated under a gentle yellow light (prohibit from operating in no opacifying condition).40-50ml of SE105-3 photosensitizer solution is added into 1000g of photoemulsion, stir clockwise until to homogenous, stand for 1~2 hours to let off bubbles in a cool and dark place. Then maintain the prepared photoemulsion at 5~15℃ in a constant temperature storage box(a seal cover is needed to avoid skinning).

300g of the prepared emulsion is added into a clean scraper ring and coated on the clean screen with a speed of 10~12cm/min,then dried at 35~40℃ and 60% relative humidity in an oven with circle wind and no more than ±2℃temperature differences.

Fixed the coated screen on an exposure machine and fit the manuscript closely. The fit time should be determined after trial. Reference time: 5~8 times on a scanning machine or 1~3 minutes on a stationary exposure machine.

The exposed screen should develop timely by putting it in water at 5~30℃ for approx.3~5 minutes, then washed until patterns appear clearly, then rinse off the leaked emulsion with water under low pressure, and dried at 50~60℃ in a constant temperature oven.

All suggestions and data in this bulletin are base on our present techniques and experiences. However, we don’t rule out this necessary of the prospective user’s experiments also we make no guarantee that the properties of our products are completely perfect or suitable for special use in law.
The users of our products have responsibilities of respecting proprietary rights of our materials , as well as present law.

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